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When should your child stay home from school?

Your Child Should Not Attend School When:

1. FEVER: 100 degrees or greater. Must be fever free for at least 12 hours.

2. VOMITTING/DIARRHEA: None for 24 hours, and tolerating a regular diet and fever free for 12 hours.

3.  STREP THROAT:  MUST be on antibiotics for 24 hours, able to eat a regular diet and fever free for 12 hours.

4.  PINK EYE/CONJUNCTIVITIS:  MUST be on antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours and eyes MUST be clear (no redness or drainage)

5.  CHICKENPOX:  All blisters/vesicles MUST be completely scabbed/dried and fever free.

6.  FIFTH DISEASE:  May return to school with rash as long as NO FEVER for 24  hours and with doctor's note.

7.  COUGH/COLD:  If cough is persistent, and/or runny nose is persistent (especially green drainage for nose.

8.  UNDIAGNOSED RASH OR IMPETIGO:  MUST have a doctors' note stating diagnosis and treatment.

9.  HEAD LICE:  MUST be treated  before returning to school.  School nurse must check child upon return to school.

10.  RINGWORM:  MUST have a doctor's note indicating treatment.

11.  SCABIES:  24 hours after treatment