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Attendance Information

  • How to call your student out of school - 
    1. If your student needs to miss school for any reason (excused, sick, etc.) please call our Attendance Office at 609-298-0674 ext. 2008.  
                  a. If your call takes place outside of our normal school hours we will return your call should there be any questions or information we need to gather.
    2. Teachers will then be notified through our PowerSchool system of the absence.
    3. Teachers will handle preparation of missed work on an individual basis.
    4. Any and all medical forms/doctor's notes can be brought in to Mrs. Moshinsky upon the student's return to school in order to ensure the absence is marked appropriately in the system.  
  • How to sign your student out for early dismissal - 
    1. When you arrive for pick-up please park in one of our spaces marked "Visitors" in front of the building.
    2. Please have picture identification ready should you be asked to show it for confirmation. 
    3. Walk up to Door 1 of BRMS and press the intercom button once.
    4. A Main Office staff member will call back out over the intercom asking your reason for visiting.  
    5. Please let them know your name, the name and grade of the student you are picking up, and then also your relation to the student.  
    6. If you are not needed in the building, please remain outside under the awning until your students is ready to be dismissed.
  • BRSD Board of Education Attendance Policy - 
              -  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our BRSD Attendance Policy, please take a minute
                  to review it here: