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Summer Reading

Why Summer Reading?

Summer is here, providing a wonderful opportunity to rest and relax.  But, a break from school for the summer does not mean a vacation from thinking and learning.  Recent research from Johns Hopkins University has uncovered important understandings about how the summer break can negatively or positively effect students' academic achievements:

  1. Students who do not read or engage in meaningful thinking activities over summer break can lose up to 30% of the progress they gained during the previous school year.
  2. The losses sustained over summer break add up over time, meaning some students can end up a year or more behind their peers, academically, by the time they enter ninth grade.
  3. The most productive summer reading experiences include guidance from adults in the form of providing ability-appropriate book offerings, discussing books with children, and offering meaingingful thinking activities related to books.

Reading is an easy way to keep students' brains in shape while away from school so they don’t lose the mental muscle they built up during the school year. How much should a student read over the summer?  Harvard researcher James S. Kim found students of all ages should read at least five books over summer break to prevent summer learning loss.

OK, let's read!

AT BRMS, we encourage students to read as much as possible, and to get them started, we require all students to read a book from our grade level lists.  During the first week of school, students will take part in lessons and assignments based on the Summer Reading books,as well as take a test on the book.

The BRMS Summer Reading Assignment for 2017:

1. Read a book of your choice from the appropriate grade level list.

2. Complete the Summer Reading Bookmark.  This bookmark will not be collected or graded, but students will be permitted to use the bookmark on the written test given during the first week of school.

3. Be prepared to discuss your book and complete class work and homework assignments related to the book.

Each grade's reading list offers novels with a variety of subjects, genres and reading levels.  Printable information by grade level is below under the "Related Files" heading.  Grade level book lists are also linked below under "Related Links."  Students must read at least one book of their choice from the appropriate grade level list.  All assignments are for the grade the student will enter in September, 2017.


Parents (and students too!) check out the informational articles and links below to better understand why it is crucial for students to read, read, READ this summer!


  • Bordentown Library
    Website of the Bordentown branch of the Burlington County Library System


  • National Summer Learning Association
    Research on summer learning loss with resources and ideas for parents to help keep students learning and reading during summer break


  • Recommended Classics
    From the National Endowment for the Humanities, their list of Summertime Favorites provides classic literature titles for students in grades K-12. Take on the challenge of reading a classic, or rediscover an old favorite!