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Physical Education

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The goal of the Physical Education program is the development of a Physically-Educated Person. A person who has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activity, is physically fit, and knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education is a valuable part of a child’s development. Students will become lifelong learners/movers by embracing and practicing fitness and wellness habits, participating in a variety of sports and movement experiences and developing positive social skills.




The class will have cooperative group and individual activities. Students will engage in a variety of activities in a safe environment. Sportsmanship and participation will be stressed. Any student that is engaging in unsafe behavior will be removed from the activity immediately. Inappropriate behavior and lack of being prepared will result in parental contact and grade reduction.




All students are required to bring a change of clothes each day for class. (sneakers, socks, t-shirts, shorts or sweatpants). The school dress code applies to this class. Please do not bring valuables to gym class. It is the student’s responsibility to secure all valuables in their hall lockers before coming to gym. If a student wishes to lock their possessions in the locker room, they may bring in a lock and secure their items for that period only. Locks must be removed at the end of the period.




-Students are to report directly to the locker rooms and get changed for class.

After students change they are to enter the gymnasium and begin jogging or walking the perimeter of the gym.

-On the teachers signal students are to sit in their assigned spot in their squad for attendance and class instruction.

-Students are to remove dangling jewelry for safety reasons and secure it in their locker.

-Students are to remain in the gym after changing until the bell rings for change of class.



Grades will be based on participation, sportsmanship, preparation and fitness activities.   Participation, sportsmanship and preparation will be 80% of the final grade. Student preparation includes bringing sneakers and a change of clothes for class every day. The final 20% of the student’s grade will be based on fitness components which include various fitness assessments.





If you have ANY questions of concerns in regards to your child’s progress or health concerns feel free to contact us.







Mr. Conlin (e-mail:; ext 2043; voicemail 2043)