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The Paw Print,

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The BRMS Newspaper Club meets Tuesdays after school in Room 108 until 4:00 p. m. You must either sign up to ride the after-school bus home or arrange your own ride home promptly at 4:00 p. m.


Next meeting: October 24, 2023


Want to join the Newspaper Club?

The BRMS Newspaper Club produces The Paw Print, our school newspaper, to inform, inspire and entertain the BRMS community.  We meet after school on twice a month on Tuesdays  to plan and create as a team.  We welcome all writers and creators to join Newspaper Club.  To join, fill out a permission form and return to Ms. Gerike. Permission forms are located outside room 108.


Students who are unable to attend after school meetings but want to be part of the Newspaper Club should see or email Ms. Gerike.


Read recent editions of The Paw Print below: