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Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)

What is I&RS?

The Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) team serves as a resource for teachers. Members typically include the school assistant principal, nurse, counselor, CST members, and teachers. The purpose of the I&RS team is to address any possible concerns teachers may have regarding their students’ academic, social, or emotional functioning. Based on data collection, the I&RS team develops case-specific strategies for use in regular education classrooms. Teachers then implement these strategies and monitor progress. 

Who can make a referral to I&RS?

Parents can request their child be brought before the I&RS team. They would do this by contacting the child’s teacher or counselor. Teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators can also refer a student to I&RS.

When would a teacher refer a student to I&RS? 

Teachers routinely use varied strategies to address a child’s needs in the classroom. The teacher requests I&RS support when a particular student continues to have difficulties despite these efforts.

What kinds of needs are reviewed by the I&RS?

When a child experiences difficulties that affect his or her academic progress, or has exhibited behavior that interferes with learning, the teacher may consider an I&RS referral.

Student difficulties may include problems responding to written or verbal information, organizing, focusing, and/or completing work without constant teacher intervention.

How does the I&RS team help the teacher?

The team supports the teacher by suggesting additional strategies and other alternative problem solving approaches and reviewing the school resources designed to assist the student.

How are parents informed?

The teacher discusses his or her concerns with the student’s parents prior to making an I&RS referral. The parents would then be contacted by their child's counselor if and when the I&RS team was going to meet to discuss creating a plan.  

 If you have any questions about the I&RS Process, please reach out to your student's guidance counselor.

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