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Visitor Protocols

As per the updates in security measures, our Visitor protocol for entry into BRMS is as follows:

1.) No visitors are to enter the building with students during arrival. Administration will be present at
our doors and will not allow visitors in unless they have a scheduled appointment.

2.) When ringing the buzzer for entry, it is expected that all visitors state the purpose of their visit
and/or specify with whom they have an appointment.

3.) Visitors will be required to show photo identification and sign in to obtain a visitor's pass.

4.) It is imperative that visitors do not hold the door open for others behind them. Each visitor must
be acknowledged individually through the buzzer system. We understand that this is not
necessarily the polite thing to do; however, it is the safest.

5.) If you must drop off an item for a student (lunch, homework, etc.) you will be directed to deposit
that item on a cart inside the main entry. Entry into the office will not permitted

6.) If you will be picking up your child early, you must notify the office of this while at the buzzer.
You will be required to state the name of the student and your relationship to the student.
Please note, we will check ID and confirm with the parent/guardian before releasing the
student. The family member or guardian will wait for the student in our vestibule until the
student arrives.

7.) Front office secretaries will be required to call the school resource officer and notify school
administrators if the visitor is uncooperative or does not adhere to the procedures.