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All Wizards Welcome :)

Once a month, EVERY THIRD WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH FROM 3:00-4:00, all young, magical, and mystical students who have (or would like to grow) a love for Harry Potter can join me and a group of their peers in my classroom, Room 113, after school for Harry Potter club!! 
To sign up and attend our FIRST MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 21ST, students must join our club's Google Classroom and make sure that their guardians fill out the guardian permission form to be able to attend!! If students need transportation via the late bussing system home, please ensure that they reach out before attending their first meeting!
The most magical thing about our club -- there are NO requirements to join!
  • You've never read the books? That's fine, hopefully after coming to meetings, you'd like to start (I'm a Language Arts teacher and have them all)!
  • You haven't seen all of the movies? That's okay! Fall is the perfect time of year to start them anyways (as long as it's okay with your parents / guardians).
  • You've only hear the name "Harry Potter" once before but want to learn more? Or you're a superfan and could talk for days? No matter what you know, you want to join a club after school to have fun and build new friendships along the way? HEY! YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! 
A special shoutout to current BRMS 7th graders Persephone Borsuk, Arianaliz Rios, and Malak Zahriyeh for working to create and run this club!
We meet once a month from 3:00-4:00 to talk about all things Harry Potter, be sorted into Hogwarts houses, participate in House Cup trivia questions and competitions, games, and celebrations about all things mystical while creating magical memories!!
Students CANNOT attend our first meeting (or any meetings) unless their parent / guardian has filled out the Google Form on our Google Classroom -- INCLUDING RETURNING MEMBERS.