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Wingman is BRMS’s student leadership program! We began our Wingman program during the 2020 school year with the goal of helping our students feel more included and accepted, while emphasizing social emotional learning in our school community. Below is the description of the Wingman Program. For more information, check out the Dylan’s Wings of Change website. 

“Wingman is a unique youth leadership program from Dylan’s Wings of Change that creates empathy and acceptance leading to inclusion for all children. Participants explore the qualities of a Wingman such as courage, perseverance and resilience. They are recognized for their acts that extend far beyond respect and kindness. Wingman builds stronger, more connected communities.”

A group of select student leaders, who are our current 8th graders, were chosen and trained last summer to be Wingman student leaders. This fall, a select group of 7th graders will be trained as Wingman student leaders and they will partner with our 8th grade Wingman to deliver classroom lessons on empathy and acceptance. Wingman students also help out with events at school and in our community, such as being tour guides at Open Houses giving lessons to our 5th grade students at MIS and PMS before they become 6th graders.


Wingman's first club meeting for ONLY 8th grade students will be Wednesday, September 28th. Wingman's first meeting for 7th and 8th grade students will be Wednesday, October 12th.


Sometimes it is easier to talk to a peer than an adult, and that is what our Wingman are here for! If you are struggling or have a problem and would like to meet with a Wingman, fill out the Google Form below to request a meeting!