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Welcome to Miss Chang's Science Website!
You will be able to find information for my 7th and 8th-grade science classes on this website.
Missing Work affecting your child's grade?

If you see a missing assignment I would suggest doing the following:


In class work


1. Have your child check the Missing Name Board (located in class)

2. Check the Graded Work Bin (located in class)

3. Check folders/binders

4. Talk to Miss Chang (located in class)


Online Work


1. Go to your Google Classroom

2. Find the Assignment that is marked as missing/ has a "0" grade

3. Check to see if the student has ATTACHED and SUBMITTED the assignment 

4. If the assignment is ATTACHED and SUBMITTED, but is still marked as a missing/"0" grade, please email Miss Chang ([email protected]) or direct message (DM) her on our class Google Hangout Chat/email or talk to her in class.




I have put zeros in for assignments that are marked as missing. The purpose of putting in zeros is to just make you and your child aware of what an unturned in assignment could do to their grade.


When a student turns in the missing assignment the zero will be changed to the grade for the assignment.


**Note: Late assignments will be subjected to a point penalty if the assignment is not turned in on the date it is due!


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me.


Miss Chang  ([email protected]

Supply List for 7th and 8th Grade!

1 notebook


Colored pencils

Glue sticks

Scotch Tape


1 subject 3 Ring binder

Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom will be used to post slideshows, due date reminders, videos/games, etc. Occasionally a virtual assignment will be turned in via google classroom.
  • Parents: Please ask your children for their Google Classroom login information so that you can view all features/updates on our online classroom. Login in under the “Parent” option might not allow you to see all our classroom features. If you sign on under your child’s account you will be able to see all updates/due dates/ etc.