Spotlight Message

Hello BRMS Families,
On behalf of the students, staff, and administration at Bordentown Regional Middle School, I would like to thank our PTO for their amazing donation of roughly $33,000 to the BRMS School Community.  Our students, staff, and administration are extremely fortunate to have a PTO that supports us in so many ways throughout the year. They go above and beyond to provide resources and experiences that we may not normally have available to us.  I would like to personally thank the PTO Executive Board listed below for all that they do for me directly, our students, and our staff. We are very lucky to have these genuine volunteers who truly care about the Bordentown Regional Middle School Community.
Christen Karolkiewicz - President
Raelene Higgins - Vice President
Vickie James - Secretary
Emily Valentino - Treasurer
With the generous donation of the PTO, we were able to purchase the items below:
1.)Upgrades to the aesthetics of our auditorium.
2.)Permanent benches on our patio for our students to use for lunch, sit outside during recess, and also bring classes to.
3.)Updated Technology, seating, and various modernized resources for our library.
This thank you email is not nearly sufficient enough in letting our families know how appreciative we are of our PTO and their efforts.  At the Color Run on Saturday April 27th, we are planning to have an unveiling of the new benches and a formal thank you of our PTO.  
Thank you to all of our families who support the PTO and all of their fundraising efforts.  We are very fortunate to have such a supportive school community that we can work together with for our students.
Thank you,
Joseph F. Sprague,  Principal
Bordentown Regional Middle School