3rd Marking Period

With that being said, we will be operating on our same Hybrid/Synchronous schedule that we have been operating on since December 14th.  The only changes to your student’s schedule will be the rotation of their 3rd Marking Period Humanities class (see Classroom Codes below) and their Semester switch to either Science or Social Studies (see Classroom Codes below). This information is already available in PowerSchool. Material pick up for these new classes is being arranged by the teachers and they will be in touch with that information. 


We will address the selection of cohorts for the 4th Marking Period as we get closer to that start date. 


Two Quick Reminders:

  1. If your student’s teacher requests that their camera is on while they are working virtually, the camera must be turned on.  
  2. If a teacher requests a student to attend a Break-Out Session, they must attend, it is not optional. 

Below are some very important resources for our students and families as we transition into the 3rd Marking Period/ 2nd Semester:


Important Information from the School Nurse, Mrs. Grilletto:

BRMS Nursing COVID Information


3rd Marking Period Humanities Google Classroom Codes:

MP 3 Humanities 


2nd Semester Science and Social Studies Codes:

Semester 2 Science and Social Studies Codes 


Synchronous Bell Schedule and Calendar of Cohort Days:



As always, we appreciate your support as we all work through this together.  Our students and staff have been amazing throughout this entire situation and they will continue do so.  If you have any questions, please reach out.  Thank you again and have a great weekend. 


Thank You,

Joseph F. Sprague,  Principal