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Industrial Technology





Instructor: Greg Poole

Industrial Technology Department

609-298-0674 x2414


Course Description: Industrial Technology students will be exposed to a wide variety of skills that will help shape the way they live. Technology is an integral part of our culture that demands the understanding of design, analysis and application of industrial techniques, tools and materials. This class will provide your child with an understanding of the role of technology and tools needed to solve problems and make informed decisions in a technologically driven society.


General course objectives:

Your child will be exposed and have an understanding of the following areas: cutting, boring, shaping, sanding ,finishing, engraving, thermoforming, bonding, casting, tiling, jointing, designing and engineering.



Safety, measuring planning & layout, pictorial sketching, design, problem solving, technical reading and analysis, material handling & identification, machine operation & tool identification, portable power tools.



The final grade for the classes will be based upon student participation, attitude, quizzes and projects. Quizzes will reflect the content of class discussions and demonstrations. Projects are designed are grade appropriate and are designed to challenge students through critical thinking, problem solving and interpretation of safety, measuring, tool and machine operation. The procedure and nature of each project will be discussed in class. Projects will be taught in a safe sequential order and will build on past learning experiences. Clean up and effort will be evaluated on a daily basis.  All grades will be based on points. Each project will be defined through the use of grading rubrics.

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade Industrial Technology is focused on exposing students to industrial safety y practices and basic hand tool and machine use. Each student will construct a “duck desk organizer” and a “skim board in class. Machines such as jigsaws, disc sanders and band saws will be utilized during the process. Students can take home all projects that they build in class.

Seventh Grade

The class explores water ecology and fish ecology through the design and construction of a cedar fishing plug. Students will be expected to shape their plug on a lathe, layout the eyes and body of the pug on the drill press and finish their plug through the artistic form of airbrush. The final product will be sealed with a high gloss epoxy finish. Student work can be sampled on through the several stories written on the class at Also in “The Fisherman” magazine. The class will also investigate plastic in this course, through the construction of an Acrylic name plate. They will use a two dimensional engraving machine, a thermoforming strip heater and flame polishing. All projects can be brought home by students upon completion.

Eighth Grade

The culminating project will be the design and construction of a table. All skills and processes in the previous classes will be utilized to make a 10” x 24” table. The students can choose a traditional design or modify to a custom. They have options for their table top that range from tile, glass, and poured epoxy. Themes will be created by each student to focus their ideas.


Poole’s Rules:

  1. Be on time 2. Be respectful to the class 3. Follow safety rules 4. Bring a good attitude and work hard.

Notebook, pen and pencils will be required in class everyday Handouts and procedures will be provided throughout the course.