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8th Grade Science » Welcome to Science

Welcome to Science

Dear Families,

  I am reaching out to you as your student had Mrs. Grayson during the first semester to inform you of our plan going forward.  The tragic situation has been very difficult on students and staff but the support that we have received from our school community has been remarkable.  As we begin to heal and move forward, we are making plans to make sure that you that your child's education is not adversely effected as much as possible. 


Currently, we have a certified substitute teacher in the classroom.  The substitute teacher is carrying out plans that are created by our certified science teachers.  Our certified science staff has also taken on the responsibility of grading all assignments.  We are in the process of looking to hire a full time certified teacher to fill the position.  We do not have a timeline for that but we are hoping to do that as efficiently as possible.


For the time being, if you have a concern with anything with regards to your child's Science Class, please contact me directly and I will look into it.  


Thank you again for your patience and support during this tragic time.  


Thank you,


Joseph F. Sprague,  Principal

Bordentown Regional Middle School


(609) 298-0674 (Phone)


 12/3/18  YOU MATTER - unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared...then YOU ENERGY!
ENERGY is our next unit and we've already begun working on potential and kinetic energy applications. In the next couple of weeks before the winter break we will investigate thermal, sound and light energy, and alternative forms of energy to power our lives...on this planet and the next!
Our third SIA series starts this week.   New topics means so many more interesting class presentations and discussions.  I can't wait! 
11/26/18  CRASH 😲
Thank you to all the parents and families that came to conferences last week! I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many of you.  Thank you for your support for education.
This week we are race car engineers.  Designing a car to be both fast and safe requires understanding of the force and motion physics we've been studying.  Using limited building supplies and some raw eggs we will be having a smashing good time in class this week!
11/12/18  Newton's next lab - Eggs not Apples!
Tuesday is the first day of Marking Period 2...and the second half of our science class. The PHYSICS PHOTO PROJECT is due on Tuesday -  I hope the students enjoyed taking pictures of all the great things they do!
We are just finishing up with Newton's Laws of Motion.  The assessment will be at the end of this week.  The remaining few half days until the Thanksgiving break will give us time to test our new understanding of Newton's Laws.  We will be designing paper cars to carry eggs into a crash.  Scrambled or Survivor?  
Please make time to stop in at BRMS Parent Teacher conferences either Thursday 11/15 or Monday 11/19.  
11/5/18  A Body in Motion stays in Motion
A short week deserves a good lab - and we will try to hit the target!  Newton's Law of Motion give us a few things to test this week. No school on Thursday and Friday - and a four day weekend to finish the Physics Photo Project.  It is due on Tuesday 11/13...ask your science student to show you their moves!
Science in Action continues...we learned (and had some fabulous class discussions) about binary supernovas, dirty cell phones, robotic bees and lab grown retinas!  WOW!
The Marking Period ends November 12th.  Please contact me if you see any issues in your students Power School grades.
10/29/18  Everything happens for a reason...
                         and that reason is usually PHYSICS!
Sir Isaac Newton watched an apple fall and learned about gravity...we'll try watching falling things too as we learn about the forces and motions of the universe.  There will be few Halloween tricks and treats on Wednesday  - and a perfect time to start a Physics Project (click the tab on the right for the Physics Photo Project.)
The marking period ends soon - just over two weeks on November 12th.  Please check Power School for missing assignments and grade information.  
10/22/18  At BRMS it's all about our Chemistry!
We finish our Chemistry Unit this week.  We started reviewing already...and on Monday and Tuesday we'll dig up all we've learned this year and work on a study guide and sample questions for the Unit Assessment on Wednesday.  Next unit up is Physics!
Our first round of SIA reports finished this week with banned sunscreens in Hawaii, the dangers of third hand smoke, gravity interactions in black holes, and tick bites that cause allergies to red meat.  The next set of reports is due on Monday and I truly can't wait to see what your students find to share next week!
10/15/18  What goes IN must come OUT!
The Law of Conservation of Mass is our focus this week.  We've already begun learning to prove it on paper by Balancing Chemical Equations.  This week we're back into the lab to prove it "hands-on" - Cold, Hot, Pink, Yellow, and lots of Gas! No worries...we'll try to capture it all.
This week's SIA topics?  We discussed new "sneaky" antibiotics, microplastic pollution, lab safety (or rather the lack of it) in schools in Portugal, batteries that remove CO2 from the air and create energy, poisonous books, and the energy of roller coasters.  Amazing week.
10/08/18  Imitation is flattery?  Synthetic products imitate Nature
No School Monday!
We successfully conquered the Chemistry Quiz and finished out the week with another fabulous selection of Science in Action presentations! This week we will investigate Synthetic products and get creative putting together (online) informational brochures for products your students select.  We'll share our findings and display the printed products around the classroom. You can view the rubric and project information here.
Congratulations to the 2018 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Physics ... 
Dr. Donna Strickland and Dr. Frances Arnold!
10/01/18  Chemical Reactions, Review, and a Quiz! 
Monday (and part of Tuesday) we'll be in the lab looking for indications of chemical reactions: Colors, Heat or Light, Odor, Precipitates, and Gas!  We will make them all happen as we mix and react a variety of chemical compounds.  In preparation for our Chemistry 1 quiz, Tuesday and Wednesday will be all about vocabulary and skill review. 
The Chemistry 1 Quiz is scheduled for Thursday 10/4/18.  
We heard the first of our Science in Action presentations last Friday...some topics were Solar panels on Chinese highways, Pirates and the Metric System, the physics behind  Crowd Behavior and Bird Flocks, 3200 year old cheese, and the pollution of Fireworks.  Amazing topic choices, interesting presentations and lively class discussions.  Can't wait to hear what comes up this Friday! 
9/24/18  We're BONDING and REACTING in the Lab! 
This week were learning how those 118 elements of the Periodic Table come together to form...EVERYTHING!  We'll practice our new skills of naming and writing formulas by making models of common chemicals, and investigating what happens in reactions in the lab.  Friday the class begins presentations of their SIA articles.  Hoping for some interesting topics and lively class discussion!
Hope to see you at Back-to-School night - Thursday at 7pm.
9/17/18  Never trust an ATOM...They make up EVERYTHING!
Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table are our focus this week.  We'll start our journey very small with the subatomic particles...and by the end of the week we will be bonding atoms together and naming our new compounds!  
Our first SCIENCE IN ACTION report is due on Friday.  We'll be presenting and discussing the articles in class next week.
FYI:  No school Wednesday 9/19.  
9/10/18  It's METRIC MANIA week in Science 8
This week we're working with metric measurement.  We'll talk about some history, learn how to convert between values quickly and easily, and put our metric skills to work in the lab while using some new and old tools and equipment. 
Lab Safety Quiz is on Tuesday!
9/6/18  Welcome back to BRMS Science 8!
It's time to get CURIOUS and do some SCIENCE!  
The 8th grade science theme is CURIOSITY.  Science is all around us and there are so many questions to ask and answer.  In class this year we will ASK many questions ... and PREDICT outcomes ... and INVESTIGATE what really happens ... and COMMUNICATE the things we learn...and have some fun along the way!  I can't wait to get started!