Bordentown Regional Middle School

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Ms. Papp
Social Studies Teacher/ Girls Soccer Coach 
8th Grade 
Room 419
Please click on the calendar page to view homework assignments, class due dates, and important school events. Additionally, please click on the current events page to see when each student is scheduled to complete his/her current event packet and present his/her article to the class. Lastly, all student grades are posted on PowerSchool in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! 
Class Philosophy:
Students are encouraged to reach out to me if there are any concerns or issues about class or grades. As an 8th grade teacher, I have a responsibility to prepare students for their transition to high school and with that transition comes self-advocacy and new obligations. I try to promote an environment where students are treated as adults and are responsible for their own actions, behavior, and grades. Students can reach me throughout the day in my classroom, via email, or anytime before 9:00pm using the Remind 101 app. 
Remind 101:
Core 1: Text @uscore1 to 81010
Core 2: Text @uscore2 to 81010
Core 3: Text @uscore3 to 81010
Supplies Needed:
1) One Subject Lined Paper Notebook (to be kept in class)
2) 3-ring binder (at least 1 inch) with lined paper
3) Writing utensil (every class) and erasers (if pencil is used)
4) Cover for textbook
Points will be deducted off of a student's class participation grade if he/she is unprepared for class.
Google Classroom Codes:
 Core 1- nkbzryf
Core 2- sx6jbzm
Core 3- bcaj3b

Recent Posts

Core 3 winners! Harrine as president, Avi as party secretary, and Melissa as campaign manager!
Core 2 winners! Joey as president, Jess as vice president, Kerem as party secretary and Marvin and Madison as campaign managers!
Core 1 Winners! Aaron as president, Chris P (not pictured) as vice president, Gabi as campaign manager, and Luke as party secretary. 
Two awesome presidential candidates, Sean and Harrine, discussing their stances on different school issues.
Be a smart cookie and vote for Manavi. Thanks to Katelyn's dad for baking the cookies!
Michael, Brandon, and Sean brought in bagels to "encourage" the class to vote for their presidential candidate!
Playing a game called "Attack" to review for the government test. Aiden drew a castle with a shark to protect it that roars. I'm going to give his science teachers all the credit for that one!
The winners of the Core 3 Presidential Election- Chris (President), Kyara (Vice President), Angelina & Kayla (Campaign Managers) and Cameron (Party Secretary)!