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COVID-19 Resources


Instructions for the rSchool App

 Student Daily COVID 19 Screening 

  • Please complete the rSchool COVID screening survey daily by 7:15am.
  • The school is using an app called rSchool (activity scheduler) - look for the one with a blue baseball cap.  
  • Here is a video that will explain the process. 
  • You must download the app to your mobile device.  
  • You will need to create an account for the app using an email. You must use the above email address to which you received this information
  • It will ask you to verify your email by sending you a verification email.   

After you complete the verification- 

  • Select "BORDENTOWN REGIONAL" from the school list. 
  • If you have logged in with the appropriate email address, your child’s name/names will appear in the system. 
  • If it asks you to type your child's name or comes up in your name, it will not register to the health office. If that happens, please contact the health office to make sure you are using the correct email account.
  • Once you confirm that your child’s name appears correctly, you can click on the Daily Health Screening. 

The rSchool website has a lot of information listed on it including the following support numbers for customer service that parents can call.  Toll Free: (1) 800-893-0914

Here are written instructions to set up the app for either IOS or Android systems. 






Please remember to keep your child home if they are experiencing any symptoms or not feeling well. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school nurses 609-298-0674 x2009 or via email



Any of the symptoms below could indicate a COVID-19 infection in children and may put your child at risk for spreading illness to others. Please note that this list does not include all possible symptoms and children with COVID-19 may experience any, all, or none of these symptoms. Please check your child daily for these symptoms:

Column A                                                                      Column B


Rigors (shivers)

Myalgia (muscle aches)


Sore Throat



Congestion or Runny Nose

Fever (measured or subjective)




Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing

New loss of taste

New loss of smell

If your child has  TWO OR MORE of the symptoms  in Column A  OR  ONE symptom in column B (in the past 24 hours), please keep your child home and notify the school/health office for further instructions.


Section 2: Close Contact/Potential Exposure

Please verify if:

Your child has had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more within  24 hrs) with a person with confirmed COVID-19

Someone in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19

Your child has traveled to an area of high community transmission

If ANY of the fields in Section 2 apply, please keep your child home and contact the school nurse immediately for further guidance.  


Erica Grilletto RN, BS, CSN-NJ

BRMS School Nurse

609-298-0614 ext 2009


Return to School Protocol


If your child is expereinceing symptoms that meet the criteria in the table under " What to do if your child is not feeling well", please follow the guidelines below. Please notify the school of your child's absence. 

As per the Burlington County Health Department guidelines, your child may return to school ONLY  when meeting the following criteria**: 

  • At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared AND fever-free for 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication AND symptoms have improved OR
  • A negative COVID test. If your child is sent for COVID-19 testing by their health care provider, written documentation of the COVID test and subsequent results is required. Your child MAY NOT return to school while waiting for their test results.

 Symptomatic individuals who test POSITIVE for COVID-19 can return

  • 10 days after symptom onset AND 
  • Have been fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine AND
  • Improvement in other symptoms AND 
  • Written documentation of the COVID-19 test result.


**These are subject to change based on the Regional Risk Matrix provided by the Burlington County Health Department



  • Practice wearing at home.
  • Masks - need to cover both the mouth and nose.   
  • Gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves MAY NOT be worn as per Center For Disease Control (CDC).
  • Cleaning - wash masks every night.
  • Provide an extra one in case the one they are wearing gets dirty.


  • Please make sure the school has updated contact/emergency contact information on file at all times. 
  • We ask that you have a designated person who can pick up your child within a 30-minute window if you will not be able to be here within that time frame.
  • Parent calls to report a student absence due to illness should be clear about the illness/symptoms necessitating the absence.


  • WEAR A MASK!!! 
  • Wash your hands with soap and water REGULARLY for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contact with others and practice social distancing – 6 Ft. apart
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover all coughs and sneezes, then wash your hands with soap and water
  • Clean and disinfect computers, counters, phones, and items most often used



  • As per Center for Disease Control (CDC),  during this COVID-19 pandemic, asthma treatments using inhalers with spacers (with or without face mask, according to each student’s individualized treatment plan) are preferred over nebulizer treatments whenever possible. Based on limited data, use of asthma inhalers (with or without spacers or face masks) is not considered an aerosol-generating procedure. 




If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the office at 609-298-0674 ext 2009. 

 Working together as a team we will keep our students safe and healthy.  

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we return from spring break, please remember the following guidelines regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures for the school district. 

  • Complete the daily health screening for your child(ren) using the rSchool App no later than 7:15am. Please see the second page for the rSchool app instruction sheet.

  • If the student or a family member test positive for COVID  or was named a close contact of a positive case,  please keep your child home and notify the health office IMMEDIATELY. Please email or call the health office as soon as possible, especially if you receive the results in the evening or on a weekend! 


  • If the student or anyone in the household is being tested for COVID-19 you MUST keep your child(ren) home and notify the health office.


  • If your child or anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 compatible symptoms, you MUST keep your child(ren) home and notify the health office. ** See list below **


  • Siblings of a student who have COVID -19 compatible symptoms will be excluded from school until the symptomatic individual receives a negative COVID -19 test result. 


  •  If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, a medical note with an alternative diagnosis will not be accepted in order to return to school. 

                                                                    Travel Guidelines

  • Travelers and residents returning from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware) should quarantine at their home for 10 days from the day after they return.  
  • You may choose to get them tested between day 3-5 of return. If they receive a negative test result, they may return to school after day 7 (return on day 8 of quarantine). 
  • Please notify the health office if your family is traveling, so a date of return can be given for your child.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times while in the school building.  Gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves MAY NOT be worn. Please provide an extra face covering  in case the one they are wearing gets dirty.


** COVID-19 compatible symptoms**


    • Experiencing TWO or more of the following symptoms: Fever > 100 degrees, chills/shivers, muscle/body aches, Headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion or runny nose OR
  • Experiencing ONE of the following symptoms: Cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell. 
Travelers and residents returning from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware) should self-quarantine at their home, hotel, or other temporary lodging.
You may choose to get tested between day 3-5 of return. If you receive a negative test result you may return to school after day 7 (return on day 8 of quarantine). If you choose NOT to get tested, your child will need to quarantine for 10 days from the day of return. 
Please notify the health office if your family is traveling so a date can be given for your child's return. 
· Self-isolate in your home. Leave the home only to seek medical attention.
· If you live with others, self-isolate in a private room and use a private bathroom if possible.
Meals should be eaten in your room and ideally, be prepared by someone else and left at the
· Make a list of close contacts you have had from two days before you became sick; or if you did
not have symptoms, the day you took your test. Close contacts are people who have been
within 6 feet of you for 15 minutes or more. A close contact could also be someone you had
extremely close contact with (face to face) even if less than 15 minutes or if you spent time with
an individual while you were sick.
· Interact with others as little as possible.
· Wear a mask if you must be around others.
· If you develop additional symptoms or if your symptoms get worse, contact your healthcare
provider for instructions.