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Research Guidelines

Digital tools for conducting research


Works Cited:

A bibliography is a list of sources used in a research project. Following MLA Guidelines, the list is in alphabetical order by the first letter of the citation, and gives credit to the person or organization responsible fo the content that you used. ZoteroBib may be used as a tool to create bibliographies. 

Note Cards:

We use the 7 x 7 rule.  No more than 7 bullets per note card. No more than 7 words to each bullet.  Google Keep is the digital tool we use, and cards may be shared with the teacher by clicking Collaborate, Email, and Save. Keep cards can be pulled up to the right side of Google Slides by clicking the yellow symbol. 

In Text Citations:

Follow the MLA basic guidelines for embedding citations in your work using Purdue Writing Lab.  Don't forget that each embedded citation must match the first word in the corresponding "Works Cited" citation.